The Bee Story

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Everyone knows Bees. Bees are a type of insect which produce Honey. People fear Bees because of its sting. How did Bees get their sting? It happened a long while ago.

Once upon a time, there lived a Bee who used to work very hard. He and its family lived in happiness until humans came at that place. The humans took all the honey they had worked hard to gain. So the Bee which was the head of the family started praying to god. After worshipping for a long time God came in front of it and asked what it wanted.

The bee told to god, “Oh! Dear Lord, Me and my family work hard daily by going from flower to flower to collect honey. After doing this for a day we store it in our house the ‘Honey Comb’. Recently, humans have moved into our place and they have started to steal our honey and destroy our house. For their enjoyment we are working all day. So, I have come to ask you to help me and my family to save our honey”.

The God said, “Sure Bee, What do you want me to do?”

The Bee replied,” Give us something, something that will keep humans away from Bee family. Humans should be afraid of us. Give something like that to our family Oh God.”.

The God granted his wish by giving the whole of Bee family a ‘Sting’. Then the God told the Bee,” Dear Bee, I have granted you your wish. I have presented you with a ‘Sting’. Whenever humans come near you, you can push this ‘Sting’ on to their skin and it will kill them”.

The Bee was very happy hearing this. He thanked God and was about to leave when the God called him,” One more thing Dear Bee, As my promise I have given you a ‘Sting’ but remember when you use this sting on a human, with them you will also die. This sting contains your life from now”.

By saying this god left. Bee was in a trance. What had he done? He had not only put his life at stake but also all his fellow beings. He felt very bad and sad for what he had done. There was no way to take back what he had wished for.

He came home and told his family what had happened. They were all disappointed with him. At this time the Wise Bee of the family said,” Always Remember, if you wish bad for others, you will bring a curse upon yourself too”.

In this way, Bees got their sting. That’s why even today if a Bee stings us, it will also die. Therefore, you should never wish bad for other. You should always do well to others. Even if you can’t be good, you shouldn’t be bad.



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