Month: December 2012

The Cow & The Lion

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Sometime, somewhere there lived a Cow called Punyakoti. It lived in a barn with its kids and grandkids. The farmer who owned Punyakoti and her calves used to take them down the hill to graze daily. One day while these cows were returning to their barn after grazing a Lion came in front of them and started growling. Punyakoti knew that this would be the end of life for her and her family. As the lion was very hungry he wanted to eat the biggest cow. Punyakoti was the biggest of all. So, she goes to the Lion and tells him, “Brother Lion I accept to surrender myself to you as your food, but first let me go leave my kids and grandkids in the barn where they can be safe”.

Lion was shocked by such a request. He knew that the cow wouldn’t come back and was just saying such words so that it can escape. So, the Lion disagreed to Punyakoti’s request. Punyakoti then said, “Oh, Lion brother I promise to come back to you. I only want to see my children to safety”. The Lion was touched by the Cow’s words and agreed to let her go.

Punyakoti thanked the Lion and as usual took her kids home. As soon as they reached the barn, she called all her children and grandchildren near her and hugged them. Then she told them that they should behave very well and do everything as the masters say. She also told them that they should be very careful and that they should look after each other, now that she won’t be with them anymore. She asked them not to fight with themselves and to always be together. At last the time came for her to leave. “You should always keep the promises you make, Never forget that”, and saying that she took a last look at her house and kids. She started walking to the place where she promised the Lion she would meet him.

During all this the Lion was waiting impatiently for the Cow. He was angry at himself for getting fooled by a cow. He swore to himself that he would kill her the next day when she would come back to graze in the fields. He got up and was about to leave when he sees the cow coming from a long distance.

Surely enough Punyakoti came to him as she promised. She said, “Oh! Lion brother, here I am as I promised. I have left my kids at home and told them everything that I should. Now I am ready to sacrifice myself to fill your stomach. Thanks for waiting”.

Now, the Lion was totally mesmerized. He had expected the cow to not show up and yet here she was standing in front of him willing to sacrifice herself. He didn’t know what to say. He was shocked by her loyalty and her willingness to keep her promise. He then realized how bad he had been. All his life he had done nothing but kill other animals so that he could live. He thought that the god was punishing him for all his sins.

He turned to Punyakoti and said, “Dear cow, I never thought you would show up but you still came back. I am really touched by your honesty and loyalty. I can’t bear to kill you after this. Its time you should return back to your house. Your master and your kids would be worried. I must thank you for teaching me this great lesson. I won’t kill another soul on this earth”. Saying this tiger jumped off the Hill and ended his own life.

This story teaches us to always be loyal. One should never break the promises he keeps. Just like Punyakoti you may also influence someone to change their life by being honest and loyal. Thus, the Punyakoti returned to her house and All was well.