My Super Fiancee

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I was tired after shopping after a long time. My Fiancee had just dropped me to my home after shopping all day. My mother who was waiting for me, wanted me to get some groceries urgently, so I had to go out again.

As my vehicle was given for service, I decided to walk all the way to the shop which was 2kms away from my home. As I lived in a place where is very much in the midst of nowhere, autos come here rarely, so I had no other option.

As I was walking to the shop, I was stopped by a stranger on the road. He seemed lost, and showed me a piece of paper asking me to guide him. I told him that he was going in the wrong direction, and in fact had to go half the way back from the route he came.

He exhaled slowly and asked me if I knew exactly where the place came. I nodded. Ofcourse I knew the place. It was right opposite the shop I needed to visit. He asked me if I could show him the way, and without thinking twice I agreed to help him and got onto his bike.

I didn’t realize that I am not supposed to get on to some strangers bike. I forgot all that as the person needed help. My inner sense took over my thinking and hence there I sat.

He followed the way I told him to for a while, but suddenly changed the route. I tried to tell him that he was going in the wrong way but he didn’t listen. That’s when it hit me that he was doing this on purpose. He wasn’t lost, he knew exactly where to go.

I thought that was the end of me. He would probably use me and dump me in some trash place and I was a goner. But then, I saw a vehicle right behind us who kept honking at us. I turned around and to my surprise it was my Fiancee. I was just so happy to see him. My lost hopes seemed to come back to me. I knew he would save me no matter what.

But I wondered how. The guy was taking me on a bike, and all my Fiancee had was a activa. He surely couldn’t keep up the speed. And that’s when I noticed an auto in front of us as well as to our left side. They were not just moving in accordance with us. They were doing it to save me. My fiancee had got them there.

There was no right turn anywhere, so the guy had little choice but to eventually give up. He tried everything possible, but finally ended up hitting an auto and falling out of the bike. Thankfully, the auto person caught me before I fell. The bike fell on the guy, holding him to his spot, making it difficult for him to escape.

By this time, everyone had stopped their vehicles. As my fiancee tried to vent out his anger on the guy, the auto guy just stopped him saying it wasn’t right to stoop down to his level, and just called the police.

My guy let him go and came towards me, worry and concern showing aptly on his face. At first he made sure I wasn’t hurt and try to console me. When I felt a little better, he started scolding me.

What was I thinking getting on to a strangers bike. He had a point. I just stood there with my heads bowed down. Finally, he stopped, gave me a hug and asked me to never ever do that again.

He knew that I loved to help people, but that doesn’t mean we should put ourselves in danger. It was sheer luck that he saw me. While he should have been driving home, he had come back to give me a cover that I had forgotten and seen me climbing on to the bike.

The auto drivers nearby had seen me doing that, and understood at once something was wrong. They had followed me in order to save me, and when they saw my fiancee coming, they talked to him and devised the plan and within minutes had executed it.

I can’t thank them all enough. Out of my foolishness I was about to ruin my whole life. I learned my lesson that day. I actually learned two lesson. First was not to trust everyone. And second was sometimes help comes in weird ways.

The auto drivers need not have followed me but yet they did. It showed their greatness. So, this post is an ode you two as well. I don’t know who you both are but I’m thankful to you from all my heart.

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