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The cold winds blew over the town in a shrill manner. It was already 9 in the morning, and little Janet was already late to school. Her dad gets her dressed up hurriedly and then rushes her into his car, so that he can drop her before the classes start.

He drives as fast as possible, without breaking the limit and finally manages to get her to school right before the bell rang. With a kiss on his cheek and a small wave, she left the car and hurried to join her friends in class.

But something stopped her on the way. While she was on the way to class, she say a tall guy, maybe someone in the 4th or 5th grade, hurting a little kid, who was of her age. She stands in the corridor and watches the big kid; beat up this little one because he refused to share his lunch box.

Janet was angry at this behaviour of the big guy. But she is too scared to do anything and therefore, once the big guys walk away, she runs to the little one and helps him up.

“Are you okay?” she asks him. He just nods his head, unable to say anything as tears are flowing down his cheeks. She feels bad for this guy, but there is only so much she can do. Even she is a little girl.

She holds his hand and walks towards the classes, making sure to drop him to his class before she went into hers. That whole day she was not taking part in the class actively at all. She was thinking of a solution to help that guy out. But nothing came into her tiny little head.

So, once classes were done, she goes to her best friends, Nick, Alicia, Sam and Ben. She tells them how she had seen a big guy beating up someone from the next class, and how he had to finally give his lunch box to get away from all the beating. The others also feel really bad for the kid and decide to do something about it, next time it happens.

It wasn’t a long time before it repeated it again. It was lunch break in school, when the five trouble makers were roaming around from class to class, thinking of a prank to pull. That’s when they see big guys beating up a little kid.

Janet jumps at once and looks at the others. “That’s them. They are the ones who were torturing that day.” And then she looks at the other kid and sighs softly. “And that’s the kid who was getting tortured.”

Sam, the bravest one of all, steps forward and walks up to the older kids. He looks at them with his sweet simple face and tries to reason with them by saying, “Please leave the kid alone. It is not very nice to hit someone, especially when they are doing no harm to you.”

His courage seemed to amuse one of the older boys, who at once picked him up by his collar, upto his face. He then chuckled at poor Sam, who was shaking with fear.

“You. Who are you to tell us anything? We do what we want, and no one shall say anything to us.” Saying that, he drops Sam to the floor.

Sam falls on the hard floor and cringes with the pain. The others all get angry that their friend is hurt, but they all know that it is no use picking a fight with the older boys. So, they move to their friend and soothe him up.

That day, after class, Janet meets up with the kid who was always beaten and starts talking to him.

“Why do you always get caught with them? What do they want from you?” she asks.

“I don’t get caught. No matter where I try to hide, they always seem to find me and hurt me.” He says with sadness in his voice. “They love troubling me because they know I can’t do anything about it. I’m the son of the fisherman. I got into this school with a huge difficulty. They know that if I complain to the principal, they can always put the blame on me, because no one believes a fisherman’s son. If they all complain against me, I will be forced to leave the school, and I cannot afford it. That’s why I just keep quiet and let them do everything.” A tear falls down his cheeks as he explains all this to Janet.

She feels really bad hearing the story of her friend, who was treated badly just because he was poor. As she doesn’t know how else to help him, that day, once she reaches home, she goes to her dad and tells him all about her new friend and how he is in trouble.

Her dad, being a teacher himself, holds her hand and tells her, “Sweetie, I would love to come to your school and sort this all out. But, you know something; it won’t help him in anyway. For a week, they will stop all this, but then again they will start it. So, I’ll tell you what to do. You go and talk to that friend of yours. You and all your other friends, help him. Don’t let the older guys hurt him. He’s a friend of yours, right? So, it is your duty to help him. Don’t worry that the older guys will hurt you. Just help your friend so that he can stand for himself and not depend on others. By doing that, you’ll make sure no one hurts him again.”

Janet listens to her dad carefully, and the next day morning she tells all this to her friends. They decide that it is indeed a very good idea. So that afternoon, when the older guys try to hurt him, they all rush to his aid. They stand behind him, and then Janet whispers in his ears, “Don’t let them hurt you. You are stronger than them. You don’t have to do anything they say.” The boy smiles at her words and then stands against the older boys.

All the school kids start gathering around in the lunch hall wondering what was going on. Suddenly, a high school student yells from nowhere, “It is just some middle-school kids picking on someone who is way younger than them.”

That was enough to embarrass the older guys. They threw a glare and started walking away. By that time the principal had come to know what was going on. He caught all the older guys and punished them. He also made sure that they apologized to the kid and made them promise to never hurt anyone, ever again.

Moral:- Bullying is not an act of bravery, it is infact, an act of cowardice.

Never hurt someone just because they are not the same as you are. Everyone is different; you should learn that and decide to live with that. Every kid in this world is special, so they should be treated that way.

Moreover, if you see someone getting hurt, the best way to help them is by making sure to give them enough strength to help themselves. In this way, they won’t let someone hurt them, ever again.