Month: January 2015

Stranger Danger

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It was just another day at school for our five friends. As soon as the class was done, just like all other kids, Janet, Alicia, Sam, Nick and Ben also run out of their class. As they all pass through the same route to reach their houses, they start walking together.

They laugh, they tease and they even sing and dance as they walk through the road. Soon, one by one started reaching their houses, until the last one left was Ben. He walks alone to reach his house, which was the farthest when compared to the rest.

He is tired before he even gets to reach his home, because of the scorching heat of the sun bearing down on him. He sits down on the pavement for a couple of minutes in order to regain his breath. At that time, a kind man with a simple face walks towards him and hands him a packet of biscuits.

“Have them kid. You need them more than I do.” He pats Ben’s head and stands against a tree.

Ben, who was extremely hungry, tears open the packet and starts eating the biscuit, without even thinking about it. He finishes the packet in no time, and turns towards the nice stranger in order to thank him. That’s when he finds himself losing focus. He was going to faint, and he did.

When he woke up he wasn’t on the pavement anymore, neither was he in his home. He gets scared and jumps out of his bed to find that he was in some kind of a room. He starts shouting for someone to hear him, but no one comes to his rescue. That’s when he realizes that he had been kidnapped. The person who pretended to be so good and offered him biscuits was nothing more than a crook.

Ben now started worrying as to what he would do, because his parents had warned him not to take anything from strangers, and yet he had done it. Now, without the help of his parents there is no way he cannot get out, but they will also scold him badly when they find him.

With the thoughts of his parents scolding him, he fell asleep, the effects of the biscuits still strong on him.

By this time, it had turned very dark out there. And Ben’s parents had started to worry. They search for him everywhere. They go to the school. They go to Janet’s, Sam’s, Nick’s and Alicia’s places, but find him nowhere. They search for him everywhere possible but never find him.

With worry filling them, they run to a nearby police station and file a missing-person’s complaint. That whole night, they cannot sleep because their little son is missing.

Neither can his four friends get any sleep. That’s when Sam calls up the other three, and asks them to come over to his place at once. Nick, Alicia and Janet sneak out of their houses quietly and run over to Sam’s place.

They all meet in the garden, behind the bushes. They sit there for a long time, discussing what might have happened to their friend, and how to save him. They talk and talk, but find no answer. So they head back to their house, so that they can get some sleep before the morning comes.

When the morning comes, so does a call from the kidnappers to Ben’s parents. They ask them for some money, and give them a specified time and place, where they should give the money. They inform the parents that Ben would only be returned to them, if the money is given to the kidnappers.

So, Ben’s parents rush from one place to another in order to arrange for the money. By this time, Ben’s friends are finally up, and they got to know about all this. Sam calls up for a meeting once again.

This time, Nick has something interesting to say.

“Last week, when I was walking back home with my parents, we saw this guy take a kid to this broken down building on the outskirts of the town. I thought the kid was the guy’s son, but now that I think of it, I think it might have been another kidnapped kid. We must go to this building and check it out, if Ben is there.”

The others all agree to this, and at once they get ready to leave. They walk all the way till Ben’s house, and after that, Nick tries to remember the route to the building. Twice, they get lost in search of it, but somehow they always found the way back. Finally, they found the right path, and there it was the building that Nick had seen the other day.

They all slowly move towards the building, and crawl in through the little hole in the wall which was next to the gate. They see someone coming out and hide themselves in the bushes.

That’s when they hear a loud shrill voice. He says something about ransom and some random words which the kids do not understand. But it doesn’t matter to them. They all had a feeling that Ben could be found here in this building.

So, as soon the man moves out, they all run towards the building and slowly move in. There are no people anywhere. So they walk through the house checking every door to see if Ben is in the room. But they find him nowhere.

Just when they were about to give up and go back, they hear voices coming from below the ground. It is a shout, a scream, someone asking for help. They recognize the voice as their friend’s.

Alicia being the quick one with an eye for things finds the latch of the door on the floor. She tries to pull it up, but it is too heavy for her. Even all the four together couldn’t do much to the door.

So, they decide that Alicia and Sam would stay back and hide somewhere in the house to make sure Ben isn’t taken away, while Janet and Nick run back to the town and find someone to help them out.

Janet and Nick run as fast as they can, and before they even reach the end of the road, they find Ben’s parents rushing outside of the town with money. They stop them at once and tell them about the building and about Ben being there.

At once, Ben’s parents follow Janet and Nick to the building. His dad pulled open the door at once. Then they all went down to see that little Ben was in fact there. But he was asleep, again.

Ben’s dad pick him up and moves out along with all the other kids, as his mother calls up the police and inform them with everything.

By the next morning, Ben is feeling alright, and the kidnappers have been caught and have been locked up behind the bars. And to make things even better, Ben’s friends are all rewarded with chocolates and a day off from school for their achievement.

Moral:- Never take anything given by a person whom you don’t know. Even if the person is good, it is better not to take anything as you never know what they might do to you.

Even if you are tired or not feeling well, go to your friend’s place or be with someone you know, but not with a stranger. Unless your parents guarantee it that it is safe to be with someone, it is better not to trust them.

Strangers are a danger. It is better to stay away from them than suffer later.