A New Beginning

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Isn’t it an amazing feeling when you have a family that understands you and has complete faith in you?

I Stay in Bangalore and I am blessed with such parents who have always believed in me and have given me the required freedom. I grew up in an environment which was free of restrictions. The rules were same for me an my brother. Nothing special just because he was a boy.

I finished my schooling. Enjoyed my college life and finished my graduation. I decided to do post graduation which my parents were expecting as I come from a family of highly educated people. I even got a well paid job as soon as I finished my post Graduation. Things were all perfect when my parents started discussing about my marriage plans. That is when I felt my life was going to change.

I was not ready to give up on my life , start afresh with a new family, change my habits and give up on any of my dreams. I was scared that my life was going to take a 360 degrees turn.I decided to stay unmarried. That is when I realized that my parents who had always been so supportive suddenly started brain washing me and forcing me into getting married.

I decided that moving out of home would be the best choice given the situation. I got another job which was in another city , however I heard a ‘NO’ from my parents again as they said its not the right thing to do as that point of time as they wanted me to get married and settle down and not venture out on my own in a new place.I convinced my parents that this was important for my career.

I moved to a new city, new home, new people. I set up things from the scratch. the new employer gave me a guest house till I could find a house for myself. I used to complete my work as soon as possible so that I could do some House hunting in the evening.There were days when I was so tired that i did not have the mood to cook and survived on Maggi. At one point I thought of going back. But then it was a test of my strength and I had to come out as a winner.

I went to the office one day and was tired after a day’s work when I noticed a familiar face in the office. It was my school mate. I was so happy to find someone familiar and ran to him. I tapped on his back and when he turned I asked “is that you Vikas?” . He recognized me and told me that he had also shifted recently along with his parents to the city. He took me home where his parents welcomed me with a warm smile and I also had dinner there. Home cooked food felt like heaven.

Days passed and he helped me find a new home and helped me in finding stuff at reasonable price for my new house. we used to discuss what we wanted to do in life and he was always supportive of the same. He used to take me home many times and spending time with his family made me feel good.

it was more than a year and my parents grew worried about me and decided to come and meet as it was a long time and they wanted to know if I was doing good. When they reached I had a meeting so Vikas picked them and dropped them at my place. He spent some time with them, made them comfortable and then left the place. When I reached my home in the evening my mom with a big smile told me “I think we have found our son in law”. They meant Vikas. I was taken aback but when I gave it a thought It made sense. I was comfortable with his family and he was a great human being who knew what I wanted to do.

After 2 successful years of marriage with Vikas, i can proudly say that One just needs to believe in their instincts. Trust your dreams and you shall always attain it .

Thanks https://housing.com/. for giving me a space to share this.


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