Together Time with Family

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I was born in the 80’s and as a kid i got to spend plenty of time with my family. That was a time when jobs were 9Am to 5Pm ones and i used to wait for the clock to show 6Pm so that I could share all my day’s happenings with my Dad. My mother was a home maker and let me specify,  she chose to be a home maker irrespective of being highly educated be there for me and my brother when ever we needed her.All thanks to my family that I grew up to be a very independent at the same time a very empathetic person.

I have always been a good student but due to certain things I did not score well in my Graduation days. Few of my friends whom I thought were my friends for life also distanced themselves from me. I had become very depressed and negative in life. That day my mom and dad sat me in the evening and had a heart to heart talk with me. What made me really happy was my 2 year old nephew who came running to me and hugged me. That one evening changed my entire life.My mother said “no matter what you will always be special to us and your life is precious to us”. That talk changed my perspective and has made me what I am today.

It might sound like a simple evening for people but that evening changed the way I saw myself and my life. I realized that many people come and go in life however it is during the testing times that we realize who are truly there for us. I was pretty serious that day as there were too many things running in my mind.

My dad took me out for an ice cream in the night and we sat at the ice cream corner and spoke for a while. He asked me what I wanted to do and what my plans were so that he could help me sort out the plans that seemed clattered at the moment. Things started making more sense and more meaningful.I decided to study further. I became a double graduate. The friends who had distanced themselves started looking upto me. There was no stopping from there.

All thanks to one evening when my parents just gave me some quality time so that i could find myself again.Now I am a mother myself and I want to make sure that i spend quality time with my son to so that he also becomes a very confident and an independent human beings who can take on the . I would thank for giving me an opportunity where I could share this evening of my life.


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