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I truly believe that happiness is any thing that can bring a smile on your face .

My mom making breakfast or any food item that I love, my little baby smiling at me when I play with him, cuddling with my lovely husband on a lazy Sunday afternoon , Small fights with brother and acting as if nothing has happened when parents intervene, taking my parents out for dinner after getting my first salary, getting a compliment for doing some good work, appreciation from managers in office, a bottle of coke on a hot day, spending time with family and close friends, a beautiful flower in a garden,a random smile in a crowded bus from a small kid after a tiring day at work, seeing youngsters helping elderly citizens cross roads or doing one such deed yourself, a yummy chocolate when u are too lazy to cook something,on a crowded road vehicles making way to ambulance irrespective of their commitments surely makes me smile and gives me tremendous happiness.

It is practically really difficult to list out all the things that spreads happiness as the list is really long, on the contrary it is endless. I can just go on and on.

But one particular moment I remember particularly is Just spending time with college friends in canteen and sharing a bottle of coke. The atmosphere was that of continuous chatter and the time used to fly like anything. This is the very reason why a bottle of coke still makes me smile as it makes me nostalgic. It makes me remember the good old days.

We decided to have a reunion last year and me, along with a few friends got in touch with my other friends and decided a neutral venue for the meet. It was so exciting to meet them after years. Most of us were married with kids and we were sure there would be lot of changes. Thanks to Facebook we were kind of used to seeing the pictures of each other. The day we met it was amazing and as I rightly mentioned we had all changed. A few had put on weight , a few had lost weight, a few who looked like nerds looked really smart. But one thing had not changed and that is COKE. That broke all the differences and initial awkwardness. Love coke forever.

As a simple human being I feel happiness is all around us. One can feel it and can spread it too. It just depends on how we perceive it. My family, My friends, My hobbies, My passion, My dreams sums up happiness.

Thanks to http://CokeURL.com/96jnc. for giving me a chance to share my route to happiness 🙂


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