Digital India and E Governance

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After this topic was announced the first thing that came to my mind was : what is e governance?

I am sure many others would have actually tried to know what exactly this means post reading the topic. As per my understanding and in common man terms is making all the government services available to the people in a country using information or communications technology/electronic media. This immediately brings a very colorful picture where we are not going through lot of paperwork or not standing in long queues on a hot sunny day.

However as the topic rightly mentions for all the public services to be delivered effectively, country needs to be digitally sound as I feel implementation of e-governance is not a simple task. It is a highly complex process and considering the population of India if the services need to be available to all we need a lot of competent IT infrastructure i.e. Networking, hardware, software etc . A lot of research and development must have gone into this as the capacity needs to be planned also we need a proper support team in place to ensure that there are no technical hitches.

In short there is a need for the best IT infrastructure for the E governance plan to be successful and if Intel is committed towards digital India then we can surely be in peace as we are in safe hands. We are depending on a company which is one of the ‘ World’s most valuable brands’ according to Forbes and is one of the ‘100 best companies to work for’ according to fortune list.

I am not a very tech savvy person. I use laptops, high end phone but I am not a person who will try to check how best my phone’s camera works or what GB memory card is required or what processor is the laptop using etc. But when this topic came up I did my own research on these simple thing and noticed that most of the laptops have the Intel core processors. I sat with tech savvy husband and he made me go through the array of products that Intel has and I was stunned at the magnificence.

We are talking about an e governance plan in India where the population is in crores. That itself shows how huge the project is going to be and how much the government would need to invest in the IT components. So we need a company whom we can trust in terms of quality and load and what else we ask for other than Intel.

The company has the best processors:

Intel® Core™ M processors

Server products:

Intel® Xeon® <br>Processor E5 v3 <br>Family

Networking products :

Intel® Embedded Hardware

( Photo Source

But there is surely one thing that we all need to think about. When we speak about providing services using electronic media , are all the citizens of India in a position to use this efficiently. when we speak about the rural people or the underprivileged , can they use technology comfortably? when I tried to find answer to this , the faith that I had in Intel was reinstated as they are undertaking numerous programs to increase the digital literacy in people

So I would conclude that if Intel ,  is committed towards our government’s vision of a #DigitalIndia then the day is not far when we will at the comfort of our homes get to enjoy the government services at the click of a button without the hassles of paperwork or long queues  🙂


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