Month: April 2015

Savior to a hungry tummy on a rainy day!!!!

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I always had the mindset that good restaurants serve fresh and clean food. I never liked eating from the street side eateries… My brother, husband tried convincing me many times but I never gave in to their persuasion.

Until one day when me along with my sister in law and husband were out at around 10PM. We had gone out for a long drive and we were on our way back home when we all thought of eating something outside. I am sure you all know how the urge is to eat some thing nice, hot on a rainy day.

We were in JP Nagar, Bangalore and we started looking for a restaurant. Almost all were on the verge of closing or the ones that were open were full of people. We were thinking of going back home when we saw a small cart which had a nice shade made and there were a few people eating dosas and noodles. My husband looked at me and I just said OK with a heavy heart.

My Sister in Law ordered Egg dosa and my Husband ordered for plate of Gobi Manchurian. I told them that I needed little time to decide.A young boy came and served us what we had ordered. I was shocked. What I saw was 2 clean plates on which there was a clean plastic cover on which they had served the food. I was really shocked and also delighted at what I saw. I was happy that I was proved wrong and all my misconceptions were now cleared.

Post that we ordered another dosa , Egg noodles, vada and all this cost us only 250/- I would recommend this eatery to anyone who is in Bangalore and nearby JP nagar. There is a playground right in front of Innisfree school/ RV dental college. This eatery is in the corner outside the playground Another landmark is Rangashankara -JP Nagar. This is open post 7PM and is open until 11.00 PM. I can truly say that this was a Savior to my hungry tummy that day. 🙂


ASUS ZenFone 2

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I belong to the generation who got their cell phones only post finishing college and getting a degree. Back then cell phones were considered an item of luxury and as every other parent of then , even my parents thought that it was a distraction.

However post completing my graduation I got my first cellphone, A basic model and I was on cloud9. Slowly the models changed and then came the era or smart phones. Thanks to the smart phones we can access internet whenever we want and wherever we are. No need to carry laptops or cameras during vacations as a small smart phone does the job. So all in all life became much simpler , all thanks to the smart phone,

Problems started a little later when sow;y people began to realize that smart phones do have their own defects. For instance battery dying out is one such common problem. I can browse internet and use my cell phone provided I keep charging the cell phone every hour.I can click impeccable pictures provided I have a steady hand and I do not shake my cell phone. I can keep clicking pictures and saving them provided I have enough memory in my cell phone, if not then I would surely need a Data Card.

For a person like me all this means a lot of work. as if taking care of a small kid and a family is not enough I need to put lot of effort in taking care of my smart phone. This is when I read about the ASUS ZenFone 2. A smart phone especially made for people like me who do not have much time due to the daily chores.

A phone with a 4gb Ram. Wowwww no need to think about space and no need of deleting items or apps to create space, Isn’t it a wonderful feeling. A technology where the battery can be charged really fast. Isn’t that awesome. So after a tiring day if i go to bed without charging my cell phone I still do not need to worry too much about it as a little time in the day is enough to charge my phone’s battery. With the phone’s Pixel master camera I do not have to be a professional photographer as I an capture high resolution pictures at day and most importantly I can click the same quality pictures at night (dark) too. I love clicking pictures of my little baby, but all thanks to my cell phone’s flash my baby is always startled. Now I can good pictures of my bundle of joy without startling him i.e. without the flash. These are just a few features that I came across. But from what I have heard this cell phone has host of many such features.

Thanks to for such an awesome invention 🙂