Savior to a hungry tummy on a rainy day!!!!

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I always had the mindset that good restaurants serve fresh and clean food. I never liked eating from the street side eateries… My brother, husband tried convincing me many times but I never gave in to their persuasion.

Until one day when me along with my sister in law and husband were out at around 10PM. We had gone out for a long drive and we were on our way back home when we all thought of eating something outside. I am sure you all know how the urge is to eat some thing nice, hot on a rainy day.

We were in JP Nagar, Bangalore and we started looking for a restaurant. Almost all were on the verge of closing or the ones that were open were full of people. We were thinking of going back home when we saw a small cart which had a nice shade made and there were a few people eating dosas and noodles. My husband looked at me and I just said OK with a heavy heart.

My Sister in Law ordered Egg dosa and my Husband ordered for plate of Gobi Manchurian. I told them that I needed little time to decide.A young boy came and served us what we had ordered. I was shocked. What I saw was 2 clean plates on which there was a clean plastic cover on which they had served the food. I was really shocked and also delighted at what I saw. I was happy that I was proved wrong and all my misconceptions were now cleared.

Post that we ordered another dosa , Egg noodles, vada and all this cost us only 250/- I would recommend this eatery to anyone who is in Bangalore and nearby JP nagar. There is a playground right in front of Innisfree school/ RV dental college. This eatery is in the corner outside the playground Another landmark is Rangashankara -JP Nagar. This is open post 7PM and is open until 11.00 PM. I can truly say that this was a Savior to my hungry tummy that day. šŸ™‚


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