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Together Time with Family

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I was born in the 80’s and as a kid i got to spend plenty of time with my family. That was a time when jobs were 9Am to 5Pm ones and i used to wait for the clock to show 6Pm so that I could share all my day’s happenings with my Dad. My mother was a home maker and let me specify,  she chose to be a home maker irrespective of being highly educated be there for me and my brother when ever we needed her.All thanks to my family that I grew up to be a very independent at the same time a very empathetic person.

I have always been a good student but due to certain things I did not score well in my Graduation days. Few of my friends whom I thought were my friends for life also distanced themselves from me. I had become very depressed and negative in life. That day my mom and dad sat me in the evening and had a heart to heart talk with me. What made me really happy was my 2 year old nephew who came running to me and hugged me. That one evening changed my entire life.My mother said “no matter what you will always be special to us and your life is precious to us”. That talk changed my perspective and has made me what I am today.

It might sound like a simple evening for people but that evening changed the way I saw myself and my life. I realized that many people come and go in life however it is during the testing times that we realize who are truly there for us. I was pretty serious that day as there were too many things running in my mind.

My dad took me out for an ice cream in the night and we sat at the ice cream corner and spoke for a while. He asked me what I wanted to do and what my plans were so that he could help me sort out the plans that seemed clattered at the moment. Things started making more sense and more meaningful.I decided to study further. I became a double graduate. The friends who had distanced themselves started looking upto me. There was no stopping from there.

All thanks to one evening when my parents just gave me some quality time so that i could find myself again.Now I am a mother myself and I want to make sure that i spend quality time with my son to so that he also becomes a very confident and an independent human beings who can take on the . I would thank for giving me an opportunity where I could share this evening of my life.


Communication Mistake

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Communication Mistake #1: A Company Wide Communication Mistake

On the day that I started a new job (this was when email was just beginning to become popular–and yes, I am THAT old), I confidently walked in, sat down, and read the first email in my inbox, which had been sent to the entire company. Then, in one awful moment, I accidentally hit “reply all” instead of “reply.’” Instantly the whole office, my new workplace, was asking “Who is this Lisa Marshall person? Doesn’t this idiot know how to use email?” Needless to say, that was not my best first impression as the new program manager of technology! I simply shrugged, said, oops, and moved on. I couldn’t undo it and apologizing to the entire company would have made it worse.

Communication Mistake #2: “Crap, I Forgot the Attachment” Error

When I shared this story with one of our new interns, she told me that she used to have a bad habit of sending emails too quickly and often forgetting details such as attachments. Usually she would remember and quickly send another email with the subject line “Oops, here is the attachment.”

She didn’t think anything about it, until one day, she did it once again to her boss. He was furious with her. He sent her back an email written all in capital letters telling her to include all attachments with the relevant email and to stop crowding his inbox.

To me this was a perfect example how little unspoken communication mistakes add-up to a bigger problem. She told me that she not only apologized, but also came up with a strategy to prevent the problem from happening again.

Communication Mistake #3: A Math Mistake That Caused Me Embarrassment

On another occasion I was delivering a status presentation to the CEO of the company where I was working. The second slide contained a simple arithmetic mistake. The CEO loudly pointed that out and then berated me. He told me to sit down. He wouldn’t let me finish the presentation. I was SO embarrassed.

Communication mistakes like these teach us that different people have differing levels of tolerance for mistakes. Some people may overlook (or may not even notice) seemingly minor errors whereas others may form a significantly negative impression of overall competence (of the person and the organizations which they might be associated with) based on sloppy communication errors. (In fact, one study looked at the effects of spelling errors on the perception of the writer. The results suggested that spelling errors can affect how people perceive writers, especially when there are many spelling errors.

Stranger Danger

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It was just another day at school for our five friends. As soon as the class was done, just like all other kids, Janet, Alicia, Sam, Nick and Ben also run out of their class. As they all pass through the same route to reach their houses, they start walking together.

They laugh, they tease and they even sing and dance as they walk through the road. Soon, one by one started reaching their houses, until the last one left was Ben. He walks alone to reach his house, which was the farthest when compared to the rest.

He is tired before he even gets to reach his home, because of the scorching heat of the sun bearing down on him. He sits down on the pavement for a couple of minutes in order to regain his breath. At that time, a kind man with a simple face walks towards him and hands him a packet of biscuits.

“Have them kid. You need them more than I do.” He pats Ben’s head and stands against a tree.

Ben, who was extremely hungry, tears open the packet and starts eating the biscuit, without even thinking about it. He finishes the packet in no time, and turns towards the nice stranger in order to thank him. That’s when he finds himself losing focus. He was going to faint, and he did.

When he woke up he wasn’t on the pavement anymore, neither was he in his home. He gets scared and jumps out of his bed to find that he was in some kind of a room. He starts shouting for someone to hear him, but no one comes to his rescue. That’s when he realizes that he had been kidnapped. The person who pretended to be so good and offered him biscuits was nothing more than a crook.

Ben now started worrying as to what he would do, because his parents had warned him not to take anything from strangers, and yet he had done it. Now, without the help of his parents there is no way he cannot get out, but they will also scold him badly when they find him.

With the thoughts of his parents scolding him, he fell asleep, the effects of the biscuits still strong on him.

By this time, it had turned very dark out there. And Ben’s parents had started to worry. They search for him everywhere. They go to the school. They go to Janet’s, Sam’s, Nick’s and Alicia’s places, but find him nowhere. They search for him everywhere possible but never find him.

With worry filling them, they run to a nearby police station and file a missing-person’s complaint. That whole night, they cannot sleep because their little son is missing.

Neither can his four friends get any sleep. That’s when Sam calls up the other three, and asks them to come over to his place at once. Nick, Alicia and Janet sneak out of their houses quietly and run over to Sam’s place.

They all meet in the garden, behind the bushes. They sit there for a long time, discussing what might have happened to their friend, and how to save him. They talk and talk, but find no answer. So they head back to their house, so that they can get some sleep before the morning comes.

When the morning comes, so does a call from the kidnappers to Ben’s parents. They ask them for some money, and give them a specified time and place, where they should give the money. They inform the parents that Ben would only be returned to them, if the money is given to the kidnappers.

So, Ben’s parents rush from one place to another in order to arrange for the money. By this time, Ben’s friends are finally up, and they got to know about all this. Sam calls up for a meeting once again.

This time, Nick has something interesting to say.

“Last week, when I was walking back home with my parents, we saw this guy take a kid to this broken down building on the outskirts of the town. I thought the kid was the guy’s son, but now that I think of it, I think it might have been another kidnapped kid. We must go to this building and check it out, if Ben is there.”

The others all agree to this, and at once they get ready to leave. They walk all the way till Ben’s house, and after that, Nick tries to remember the route to the building. Twice, they get lost in search of it, but somehow they always found the way back. Finally, they found the right path, and there it was the building that Nick had seen the other day.

They all slowly move towards the building, and crawl in through the little hole in the wall which was next to the gate. They see someone coming out and hide themselves in the bushes.

That’s when they hear a loud shrill voice. He says something about ransom and some random words which the kids do not understand. But it doesn’t matter to them. They all had a feeling that Ben could be found here in this building.

So, as soon the man moves out, they all run towards the building and slowly move in. There are no people anywhere. So they walk through the house checking every door to see if Ben is in the room. But they find him nowhere.

Just when they were about to give up and go back, they hear voices coming from below the ground. It is a shout, a scream, someone asking for help. They recognize the voice as their friend’s.

Alicia being the quick one with an eye for things finds the latch of the door on the floor. She tries to pull it up, but it is too heavy for her. Even all the four together couldn’t do much to the door.

So, they decide that Alicia and Sam would stay back and hide somewhere in the house to make sure Ben isn’t taken away, while Janet and Nick run back to the town and find someone to help them out.

Janet and Nick run as fast as they can, and before they even reach the end of the road, they find Ben’s parents rushing outside of the town with money. They stop them at once and tell them about the building and about Ben being there.

At once, Ben’s parents follow Janet and Nick to the building. His dad pulled open the door at once. Then they all went down to see that little Ben was in fact there. But he was asleep, again.

Ben’s dad pick him up and moves out along with all the other kids, as his mother calls up the police and inform them with everything.

By the next morning, Ben is feeling alright, and the kidnappers have been caught and have been locked up behind the bars. And to make things even better, Ben’s friends are all rewarded with chocolates and a day off from school for their achievement.

Moral:- Never take anything given by a person whom you don’t know. Even if the person is good, it is better not to take anything as you never know what they might do to you.

Even if you are tired or not feeling well, go to your friend’s place or be with someone you know, but not with a stranger. Unless your parents guarantee it that it is safe to be with someone, it is better not to trust them.

Strangers are a danger. It is better to stay away from them than suffer later.


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It was a lazy morning for Alicia, as it was term break and all her friends were out of town. She got up from her bed, brushed her teeth, took bath and then walked down for breakfast.

For a change, she saw her mom at the table. By this time she would have usually left for office, but today she was still there in the house. Happily, Alicia went to her and asked in her sweet little voice, “You are not going to work today, mom?”

Her mom turned to look at her and smiled. “No sweetie. I have taken the day off today so that I can rest, and later in the evening do some shopping,” and then she asks Alicia, “How about you join me in the evening for shopping? Even you would get a break from sitting at home all day?”

Alicia jumped up and down in happiness, “Yes mom! I’d love that. Yay!” she sang and ran all around the house knowing that at least today she would have some fun.

Unfortunately for her, the time went extremely slow today. She finished her breakfast, played for a while. She had her lunch and even took a nap. But the time was still 4:30PM. She had half an hour more to spend before she could go out. She went down to her mom, and started walking around her.

Finally the time came. Her mom took out the car and both of them were off to the mart at once. On the way, her mom got her a packet of biscuit, and they ate it as they sang for the tunes of the local radio and drove their way to the mart.

Alicia was coming to the mart after a long time. Her parents usually asked someone to deliver everything they needed directly at their door step, so coming to this place was a whole new level of excitement for her. She jumped out of the car as soon as her mom parked it and ran to a shopping cart.

They entered the mart, and her mom took out her shopping list. She ticked off items one by one, and handed the items to little Alicia to keep them in the cart. The cart was getting filled soon, but Alicia was eager to see more and more of the mart. She ran around it and almost got lost, if not for the store manager who led her straight back to her mother.

After that, she stuck next to her mother itself. That’s when they passed the aisle of toys. Alicia’s mouth fell open at all the toys available there. She just stood there for a few minutes, just looking at them all one by one. She walked down the aisle and looked at all the toys. One of them caught her eyes. It was a small spinning top. All you had to do was throw it at the ground in such a way that it would keep spinning for a long time. The toy was bright and shiny, and Alicia wanted this to be hers. That’s why she walks up to her mom and asks her, “Mom! Can we please buy that shiny toy?” she points to it, “I really want it!”

Her mother shakes her head and replies, “No Alicia! You already have enough toys in the home and you don’t even play with half of it. Even this will go to waste in a day’s time.”

Alicia’s eyes fill up with tears at once. She begs her mom saying, “Please mom. Please!” but it doesn’t work. In sadness, she walks to that toy again so that she can wave bye to it. While there, she suddenly sees that no one is around. A small thought comes into her mind, and without thinking, she picks up the toy and puts it in her pocket without any word.

She walks to her mom, and once the billing is done, she walks out of the mart and then back to the home. Only when they reach the home does she remove the toy from her pocket and smile at it.

She is very happy that she got it, because she really wanted that toy. But she doesn’t realize that what she did was wrong. When it is almost dinner time, Alicia’s mother walks up to her room so that she can call Alicia for dinner, and that’s when she sees her playing with the toy.

Her Mother understands at once as to what has happened. She goes and sits next to little Alice and pulls her into her arms. She gives her a soft hug and then starts to speak.

“Alicia, sweetheart. I know you wanted that toy. But just because I didn’t get it for you, doesn’t mean you can pick it and come honey. See, if someone came to our house, a little kid, and she is playing with you, with your toys, and while leaving, if she takes your toys and go, would you like it?”

Alicia shakes her head.

“Exactly, because the toys belong to you. She cannot take those toys, just like that, without asking anyone, can she? In the same way, this toy you just took belongs to the owner of the shop. Now he’ll be sad that someone took away his toys, right? He’ll be sad that you didn’t ask him and yet you took it. It is not fair to make someone else sad honey. So, what do you say, we go back and give this toy back to the owner?”

Alicia nods and looks up at her mom, “Sorry mom. I won’t do it again. I didn’t know that the toys belonged to someone.”

Her mother just smiled, and in 5minutes both of them got ready and went to the mart again. Once they reached, Alicia walked up to the bill counter and gave the toy to the man standing there. With a small frown on her face she says, “I’m really sorry for taking your toy without your permission. You can have it back now. Please don’t be sad.”

The shop-keeper realizes that this was the missing toy. The honesty and sweetness of Alicia pleases him, therefore he gives the toy back into her tiny hands and says, “That’s okay sweetie. I was sad, but now that you came back just to give it to me, I am happy. I am so happy, that now, I will give you this toy as a gift.”

Alicia smiles a little and then looks at her mom. Her mother nods, telling her that it is okay to take the toy. So, Alicia takes it from the shop-keeper and runs happily back to the car.

Even though the shop-keeper refused to take the money, her mother paid him and walked back to Alicia. With a huge smile on her face, she hugged her daughter.

Moral:- Taking something which doesn’t belong to us, isn’t good. It might actually be of a lot of value to someone else. So, we should always, ask, take permission and pay the price, before taking something.

And when someone does steal, they shouldn’t be scolded at, but instead, you should make them understand with sweet words that what they did was wrong.


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The cold winds blew over the town in a shrill manner. It was already 9 in the morning, and little Janet was already late to school. Her dad gets her dressed up hurriedly and then rushes her into his car, so that he can drop her before the classes start.

He drives as fast as possible, without breaking the limit and finally manages to get her to school right before the bell rang. With a kiss on his cheek and a small wave, she left the car and hurried to join her friends in class.

But something stopped her on the way. While she was on the way to class, she say a tall guy, maybe someone in the 4th or 5th grade, hurting a little kid, who was of her age. She stands in the corridor and watches the big kid; beat up this little one because he refused to share his lunch box.

Janet was angry at this behaviour of the big guy. But she is too scared to do anything and therefore, once the big guys walk away, she runs to the little one and helps him up.

“Are you okay?” she asks him. He just nods his head, unable to say anything as tears are flowing down his cheeks. She feels bad for this guy, but there is only so much she can do. Even she is a little girl.

She holds his hand and walks towards the classes, making sure to drop him to his class before she went into hers. That whole day she was not taking part in the class actively at all. She was thinking of a solution to help that guy out. But nothing came into her tiny little head.

So, once classes were done, she goes to her best friends, Nick, Alicia, Sam and Ben. She tells them how she had seen a big guy beating up someone from the next class, and how he had to finally give his lunch box to get away from all the beating. The others also feel really bad for the kid and decide to do something about it, next time it happens.

It wasn’t a long time before it repeated it again. It was lunch break in school, when the five trouble makers were roaming around from class to class, thinking of a prank to pull. That’s when they see big guys beating up a little kid.

Janet jumps at once and looks at the others. “That’s them. They are the ones who were torturing that day.” And then she looks at the other kid and sighs softly. “And that’s the kid who was getting tortured.”

Sam, the bravest one of all, steps forward and walks up to the older kids. He looks at them with his sweet simple face and tries to reason with them by saying, “Please leave the kid alone. It is not very nice to hit someone, especially when they are doing no harm to you.”

His courage seemed to amuse one of the older boys, who at once picked him up by his collar, upto his face. He then chuckled at poor Sam, who was shaking with fear.

“You. Who are you to tell us anything? We do what we want, and no one shall say anything to us.” Saying that, he drops Sam to the floor.

Sam falls on the hard floor and cringes with the pain. The others all get angry that their friend is hurt, but they all know that it is no use picking a fight with the older boys. So, they move to their friend and soothe him up.

That day, after class, Janet meets up with the kid who was always beaten and starts talking to him.

“Why do you always get caught with them? What do they want from you?” she asks.

“I don’t get caught. No matter where I try to hide, they always seem to find me and hurt me.” He says with sadness in his voice. “They love troubling me because they know I can’t do anything about it. I’m the son of the fisherman. I got into this school with a huge difficulty. They know that if I complain to the principal, they can always put the blame on me, because no one believes a fisherman’s son. If they all complain against me, I will be forced to leave the school, and I cannot afford it. That’s why I just keep quiet and let them do everything.” A tear falls down his cheeks as he explains all this to Janet.

She feels really bad hearing the story of her friend, who was treated badly just because he was poor. As she doesn’t know how else to help him, that day, once she reaches home, she goes to her dad and tells him all about her new friend and how he is in trouble.

Her dad, being a teacher himself, holds her hand and tells her, “Sweetie, I would love to come to your school and sort this all out. But, you know something; it won’t help him in anyway. For a week, they will stop all this, but then again they will start it. So, I’ll tell you what to do. You go and talk to that friend of yours. You and all your other friends, help him. Don’t let the older guys hurt him. He’s a friend of yours, right? So, it is your duty to help him. Don’t worry that the older guys will hurt you. Just help your friend so that he can stand for himself and not depend on others. By doing that, you’ll make sure no one hurts him again.”

Janet listens to her dad carefully, and the next day morning she tells all this to her friends. They decide that it is indeed a very good idea. So that afternoon, when the older guys try to hurt him, they all rush to his aid. They stand behind him, and then Janet whispers in his ears, “Don’t let them hurt you. You are stronger than them. You don’t have to do anything they say.” The boy smiles at her words and then stands against the older boys.

All the school kids start gathering around in the lunch hall wondering what was going on. Suddenly, a high school student yells from nowhere, “It is just some middle-school kids picking on someone who is way younger than them.”

That was enough to embarrass the older guys. They threw a glare and started walking away. By that time the principal had come to know what was going on. He caught all the older guys and punished them. He also made sure that they apologized to the kid and made them promise to never hurt anyone, ever again.

Moral:- Bullying is not an act of bravery, it is infact, an act of cowardice.

Never hurt someone just because they are not the same as you are. Everyone is different; you should learn that and decide to live with that. Every kid in this world is special, so they should be treated that way.

Moreover, if you see someone getting hurt, the best way to help them is by making sure to give them enough strength to help themselves. In this way, they won’t let someone hurt them, ever again.

My Super Fiancee

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I was tired after shopping after a long time. My Fiancee had just dropped me to my home after shopping all day. My mother who was waiting for me, wanted me to get some groceries urgently, so I had to go out again.

As my vehicle was given for service, I decided to walk all the way to the shop which was 2kms away from my home. As I lived in a place where is very much in the midst of nowhere, autos come here rarely, so I had no other option.

As I was walking to the shop, I was stopped by a stranger on the road. He seemed lost, and showed me a piece of paper asking me to guide him. I told him that he was going in the wrong direction, and in fact had to go half the way back from the route he came.

He exhaled slowly and asked me if I knew exactly where the place came. I nodded. Ofcourse I knew the place. It was right opposite the shop I needed to visit. He asked me if I could show him the way, and without thinking twice I agreed to help him and got onto his bike.

I didn’t realize that I am not supposed to get on to some strangers bike. I forgot all that as the person needed help. My inner sense took over my thinking and hence there I sat.

He followed the way I told him to for a while, but suddenly changed the route. I tried to tell him that he was going in the wrong way but he didn’t listen. That’s when it hit me that he was doing this on purpose. He wasn’t lost, he knew exactly where to go.

I thought that was the end of me. He would probably use me and dump me in some trash place and I was a goner. But then, I saw a vehicle right behind us who kept honking at us. I turned around and to my surprise it was my Fiancee. I was just so happy to see him. My lost hopes seemed to come back to me. I knew he would save me no matter what.

But I wondered how. The guy was taking me on a bike, and all my Fiancee had was a activa. He surely couldn’t keep up the speed. And that’s when I noticed an auto in front of us as well as to our left side. They were not just moving in accordance with us. They were doing it to save me. My fiancee had got them there.

There was no right turn anywhere, so the guy had little choice but to eventually give up. He tried everything possible, but finally ended up hitting an auto and falling out of the bike. Thankfully, the auto person caught me before I fell. The bike fell on the guy, holding him to his spot, making it difficult for him to escape.

By this time, everyone had stopped their vehicles. As my fiancee tried to vent out his anger on the guy, the auto guy just stopped him saying it wasn’t right to stoop down to his level, and just called the police.

My guy let him go and came towards me, worry and concern showing aptly on his face. At first he made sure I wasn’t hurt and try to console me. When I felt a little better, he started scolding me.

What was I thinking getting on to a strangers bike. He had a point. I just stood there with my heads bowed down. Finally, he stopped, gave me a hug and asked me to never ever do that again.

He knew that I loved to help people, but that doesn’t mean we should put ourselves in danger. It was sheer luck that he saw me. While he should have been driving home, he had come back to give me a cover that I had forgotten and seen me climbing on to the bike.

The auto drivers nearby had seen me doing that, and understood at once something was wrong. They had followed me in order to save me, and when they saw my fiancee coming, they talked to him and devised the plan and within minutes had executed it.

I can’t thank them all enough. Out of my foolishness I was about to ruin my whole life. I learned my lesson that day. I actually learned two lesson. First was not to trust everyone. And second was sometimes help comes in weird ways.

The auto drivers need not have followed me but yet they did. It showed their greatness. So, this post is an ode you two as well. I don’t know who you both are but I’m thankful to you from all my heart.

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An Ode to my Dad

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I am just another random girl in this huge city called Bangalore. Being born and brought up here I was used to they way people lead their lives. But all my dreams and thoughts about the world seemed to prove false when I entered my college.

Being used to my dad dropping me to school everyday, going to college all alone, catching a bus seemed difficult to me. It was my first day of college and I was nervous as it is.

I went to the bus stop early so that I could reach college early. But little did I know that I shouldn’t have done that. As I stood there waiting for a bus, a guy moved behind me whistling. I turned around and gave a disgusted look at him. Who the hell did he think he was?

But the guy didn’t bother, he walked away only to come back the same way after a while this time singing some song at me. I got angry but I didn’t turn around this time. He just stood behind singing, and when I didn’t bother about him, he put his hand on my waist and pinched me.

I was startled. How dare he touch me? How dare of him to pinch me? In front of everyone. I looked all around trying to find someone to help me, but no one seemed to bother. It looked as if they were all used to it. Tears filled my eyes, I didn’t know what to do. I just ran from the bus stop and called my dad.

As I stood outside the bus stop waiting for my dad, I didn’t know that the guy had followed me. Now he was standing next to me trying to make me talk. His words, his stance made me nauseate. He started to speak in a bad away, and when I didn’t reply, he took me by the shoulder to do what god knows.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to get to know that because my dad came exactly at that point. He got down from his vehicle at once, ran towards me and took the guy by his shirt. He gave him one tight slap and then asked me if this was the way a guy should behave towards a girl.

He asked me to call the police and while I did that, he gave the guy a sense of his mind. As the police came and took the guy away, my dad put his arms around me and held me tight, making me forget everything. Suddenly I felt strong and protected.

He understood that. But he just told me one thing. He can’t always come right on time to protect me. I had grown up, meaning I had to protect myself. Instead of telling me that he will always come rushing like a superhero, he told me that he will make me a superwomen. Making me strong so that I could stand up for myself.

That doesn’t mean he won’t stand up for me, it just meant that he wanted me to stand up for myself as well. Since then, I know how to deal with such things. I think about that day, and thank my dad even now. Thanks to him, I have taught the same lesson to my niece and my sister in law. And in future to me daughter.

Thank you dad. You always were, are and will always be my superhero.

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